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Your braces represent a significant investment in correcting the alignment of your teeth to provide you with a more appealing smile while also preventing future problems with dental attrition and risk of dental fractures. The process calls for routine adjustments to tighten the orthodontic components and gradually alter the orientation of your teeth.

Maintaining good oral hygiene throughout the realignment process is very important. Cavities and periodontal health problems could potentially affect the tension applied to your teeth. This could have the net effect of increasing the amount of time it takes to achieve the ideal alignment of your teeth.

It’s important to brush your teeth and braces twice each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a mild abrasive toothpaste. A small interdental brush might prove helpful for cleaning the small contours of your braces hardware.

Flossing at least once each day is especially important for maintaining good oral health. Yet wires and other braces components can sometimes make it hard to thoroughly clean between teeth and into the gumline.

In a situation like this, you might want to try using a simple floss threader loaded with waxed dental floss. It can help you insert the strand under a wire to clear all surfaces between the tooth while also accessing the gumline.

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