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There are different types of alignment issues that can develop in your son or daughter’s mouth as their baby teeth are replaced by their permanent teeth. On a cosmetic level, this might give them an unattractive smile and diminish their self-confidence. However, on a functional level, many alignment issues will increase their chances of suffering chips or fractures on multiple teeth.

Braces are most commonly used to correct an alignment or over-crowding issues in permanent teeth that emerged out of their ideal placement or alignment. This is even more likely to be the case if your son or daughter had a baby tooth extracted due to advanced tooth decay or a fracture.

Malocclusion, is the technical term for overbite or under-bite where their upper or lower jaw is larger or is positioned out of alignment from the other. Not only can this impair their ability to chew food, and give them an unappealing smile, it also increases the likelihood of suffering multiple fractured teeth.

How far their teeth are out of alignment or how much of an over or under-bite they have, will directly influence the duration it takes Dr. Bryan Brassington to adjust their smile.

If you are concerned that your son or daughter needs braces to address an alignment issues with their teeth, you should call Dr. Bryan Brassington’s Richmond, Virginia clinic at 804-740-7281 to schedule a consultation.