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Traditional metal wire and bracket braces represent a serious investment in improving the cosmetic appearance and function of your mouth. How long you need to wear braces to accomplish the final alignment of your teeth can be shortened by some thoughtful choices on your part. If something in your braces breaks or comes loose it very likely will lengthen the amount of time you have to wear the braces.

Some of the foods you eat can get stuck in your braces or affect the hardware. Try to avoid sticky foods like caramel, taffy and gummy treats as well as chewing gum. Try to avoid eating hard foods, hard candy and chewing on things like pens, pencils and ice.

Let your orthodontist know if you are going take part in any contact sports that might require a mouth guard. Custom mouth guards can be designed to protect your teeth and braces while also being comfortable.

Remember to brush and floss at least twice a day. If you have trouble using floss you might want to buy a floss threader. Many people with braces also appreciate using interdental brushes to get at some of the hard to reach places around their teeth and the metal hardware itself.

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