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Flossing is a great technique that can successfully clean your smile. It is an important task that should be done at least once a day. However, the best way to floss is by using the best flossing product for your pearly whites. But how do you know which floss is the best? Well, each product can help with different smiles, and we’re here to help you decide which floss is best for your smile! Here are the flossing products available:

· Wide floss: Wide floss is also known as dental tape. This product is very beneficial when working with bridgework. It’s also recommended for those who have large gaps between their teeth.

· Waxed floss: Waxed floss is beneficial for those with closely-knit teeth. Sometimes it’s tough to fit floss between teeth that are so close together, but waxed floss will slide right through and will thoroughly clean the crevice.

· Unwaxed floss: Unwaxed floss is helpful when knowing when your teeth are clean. When the plaque is removed, the floss will squeak against the teeth.

· Bonded, unwaxed floss: Bonded, unwaxed floss is an option that will not fray as easily as regular unwaxed floss. However, it does tend to tear more than waxed floss.

Choosing the best flossing tool for your smile can be tricky at times, so if you have any questions or if you would like to talk to Dr. Bryan Brassington about the most beneficial floss for your oral cavity, we encourage you to call 804-740-7281 and schedule an appointment today. Our Richmond Orthodontics team is more than happy to help you!