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You may know that braces require that you avoid certain foods, but what can you eat with braces? We will describe a few that you can still enjoy while wearing braces.

You will want to find softer foods. Hard foods risk harming your braces, but soft foods will keep them secure.

The number one food group you may worry about is meats. Rest assured, you can still enjoy some meats, but you should look for tender varieties and avoid tough ones. Some good examples are baked chicken—do not add breading—and meatloaf.

If you need another source of protein, look to eggs. Eggs make decent soft foods, even if you hard-boil them.

For the fruit and vegetable food groups, your options are not really limited. Bananas, oranges, peaches, mangoes, melons and kiwis are just right for braces. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots are too hard to eat raw, but steaming them softens them up enough.

If you need some carbohydrates, pastas, soft breads and mashed potatoes make decent sources that will not put your braces in peril. If you are a lover of pancakes, they count as soft breads.

If you like smoothies and soups, they generally have no quarrel with braces. Smoothies that have vegetables, fruits and milk mixed in provide some decent nutrition. With soups, you will want ones that have more vegetables in them than anything else, but staples like chicken noodle and tomato are still available.

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