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The position and alignment of your teeth have a significant impact on the appearance of your smile as well as the overall health and function of your mouth. Orthodontic issues can arise from any number of sources. A past extraction, overcrowded teeth, or an alignment issue that was not resolved in the youth years frequently inspires adults to consider braces.

If you are struggling with minor alignment issues, Dr. Bryan Brassington might be able to improve the problem with Invisalign®. This is a brand of removable clear, plastic aligners that can gradually adjust your teeth in about the same amount of time as braces can. You will be provided with three to four sets of custom aligners. You will switch them out every two weeks. The new aligners will be tuned to bring you one step closer to your ideal alignment.

For more significant alignment issues, Dr. Bryan Brassington might recommend installing traditional metal bracket and wire braces. This is often the most effective method for improving a smile that needs significant improvements.

If you would like, Dr. Bryan Brassington can apply a special porcelain glaze to the visible hardware. This can be shaded to match the natural enamel of your teeth, making it hard for the casual observer to notice your braces.

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