Retainer Care

Retainers are beneficial appliances that can keep your smile aligned and beautiful after you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment. Retainers can also be used to make slight adjustments to the smile. If you are currently a retainer wearer, our Richmond Orthodontics team strongly recommends taking great care of your appliance. You... Read more »


Hello friends of Drs. Wiltshire, Brassington, and Bibona! Many of you may have already noticed our new look! We are very excited to have officially changed our practice name to RICHMOND ORTHODONTICS. It will now be much easier for us to communicate with all of you, our wonderful patients, families,... Read more »

How to Achieve a Healthy Smile This Spring

As the warm and beautiful spring season approaches, it’s time to think about your oral health. What is better than having a strong, successful, and stunning smile while you swim in the pool, have picnics at the park, and go on beautiful hikes? That’s right—nothing! So, to help you have... Read more »

The Steps to Fixing a Broken Bracket

No matter how careful you are throughout the day, there is still the possibility of breaking a bracket. If you have recently broken a bracket, there are four things you need to do to successfully take care of the situation. Those things are: Check the damage Check to see if... Read more »

Floss: The Differences Between Each Product

Flossing is a great technique that can successfully clean your smile. It is an important task that should be done at least once a day. However, the best way to floss is by using the best flossing product for your pearly whites. But how do you know which floss is... Read more »

Why You Should Consider Braces as an Adult

If you are embarrassed by your crooked, misaligned smile, it’s time to consider braces! Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Braces are only for teens.” But that is simply not true! More and more adults get braces each and every day, and you could be next! Here are five reasons... Read more »

Teens and Oral Health: How to Care for the Smile

If you are a teen thinking that your smile is invincible, we’re here to tell you that it’s not. Many dental issues are still possible, like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral injuries, and it is very important for you to take care of your smile on a regular basis.... Read more »

Care and Cleaning Tips for your New Fixed Retainer

Your braces are just one step of the process of aligning your teeth. Over the course of your alignment sessions your teeth have migrated into their ideal alignment. However, the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth still have some residual tension. If you don’t wear a retainer this residual tension... Read more »

Protect Your Braces With a Mouthguard

As you transform your smile as well as participate in sports, it’s important that you do everything you can to protect your teeth and your smile. The best way to do so is by wearing a mouthguard as you play. Mouthguards are small, portable appliances that fit over your smile... Read more »

Everyday Considerations for Maintaining your Ceramic Coated Braces

Your ceramic braces represent a serious investment in improving the form and function of your mouth. While your braces are designed to be durable they can none-the-less be damaged by certain foods and lifestyle choices. If your braces are damaged, it will increase the amount of time you have to... Read more »