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Braces come in a couple of different styles and designs but all of them work on applying slight, yet progressive adjustments to your child’s teeth to alter their alignment. There is no set rule on when braces should be installed to correct an issue. In most cases, braces can be fitted to correct an alignment issue once all of your child’s permanent teeth have emerged.

Overcrowding and alignment issues are the most common reason why your orthodontist might recommend braces for your child. This is even more likely if they had one or more baby teeth extracted due to large cavities or fractures. It’s also possible for alignment issues to result from past thumb sucking or prolonged pacifier use when they were little.

Malocclusion is another possible issue that requires the adjustment of braces. This often relates to overbite or underbite problems. This can make the corresponding teeth in the bite pattern suffer from chips or fractures.

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