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Your smile can be greatly affected by unflattering bite problems such as teeth that are crooked or badly spaced, and if this is the case, we invite you to consider orthodontic treatment. We offer a review of the nature of Invisalign® and traditional braces, as well as the significant differences they offer.

The discreet appearance if Invisalign provided by its clear plastic material allows your smile to look natural during treatment and has made it a very popular option. The removable aligners can be taken out when it’s time to eat or clean your smile, though you should take care not to misplace them. Invisalign aligners need to be worn for 22 hours or more every day to help you achieve your smile goals on schedule. Cleaning your teeth and trays at the end of every meal can keep your aligners clean and free of stains. Invisalign can effectively correct minor orthodontic problems.

Traditional Braces
Because brackets and wires are made of metal or ceramic, they are also very visible. Their fixed nature means you need to eat softer foods that won’t damage the braces, though this also means there is no cause for worry about misplacing the appliances. Traditional braces are often the most affordable orthodontic treatment. It’s important to clean them thoroughly to prevent the development of tooth decay if food particles remain stuck in the brackets. Braces are often required if you have significant orthodontic issues.

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