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Are you interested in knowing what will happen during your last orthodontic appointment? If so, Dr. Bryan Brassington and our orthodontic team are more than happy to help you. Obviously, we will remove the braces hardware from your smile. But then there are a couple more things we need to do before we send you home.

The next thing we’ll do is deeply clean your smile. This will involve our team scrubbing your teeth and removing any excess material that the braces left behind. Then, we will take a few X-rays just to make sure everything is still on the right track. While we examine the X-rays, we will also inspect the wisdom teeth. We will make sure there are no issues with the teeth. If there are, we will recommend the necessary treatment or refer you to another dental professional.

The last thing we’ll do is fit you for a retainer. A retainer is a strong appliance that will keep your smile straight and healthy. You will need to wear the retainer during the recommended times, unless you have a permanent retainer, which is an appliance that is cemented to the back of your front teeth. This retainer will stay in place.

Call Richmond Orthodontics today at 804-740-7281 and talk to our orthodontic team if you have any questions or if you need to schedule your last appointment. We are excited that you will finally have the smile you love, and we are happy to help you!