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Keeping your braces clean is an important task because it becomes easier for food particles to linger in your mouths when there are wires and brackets in place. Cleaning around braces can be difficult from time to time, so it’s important to practice optimum cleaning techniques and taking additional methods to keep your braces clean and safe. Here are some examples:

– Brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily. If you cannot use dental floss, use alternative interdental tools such as a water flosser.
– If you should suffer an oral emergency from a bracket or wire breaking off your braces, do not attempt to fix it. Instead, cover the broken appendage with a piece of wax and call your orthodontist immediately.
– Never skip any orthodontist appointments you have scheduled. Doing so will only increase the time necessary for your braces to be in place.
– Certain foods and snacks can make keeping your braces clean much more difficult. This includes popcorn, chewy and sticky foods, various nuts, and many types of tough meats.
– Used safety gear and safety equipment when possible. This includes gear during contact sports or other high-risk activities that can put your mouth at an increased risk for oral injuries.
– Keep your retainer clean and clear from debris when possible.

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