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Genetics and other oral development factors can sometimes cause your child’s permanent teeth to develop very closely together. In some of these instances, the lack of sufficient room in the area can cause two or more teeth to deviate from their intended orientation in your child’s dentition.

Without professional intervention from our orthodontists, the overcrowding and other alignment issues could lead to chronic problems with chipped teeth and dental fractures. At the same time, many children with misaligned teeth also experience self-esteem issues linked to their unappealing smile.

In many of these cases, our orthodontists will recommend installing traditional braces to gradually improve the alignment of the teeth. If there isn’t sufficient room to bring all the teeth into alignment, they might recommend extracting one.

Afterward, your child will need to maintain some basic measures to help speed the healing process and prevent further complications.

It might help to remind your child not to chew on the other side of your mouth while their gums are healing. They also shouldn’t drink through a straw, as the suction could potentially affect the sutures around the extraction site.

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